Adult LifeGroups

In many respects, only you and God know what you need most in your spiritual journey.

God designed each of us with relational DNA, a desire for community and encouragement from others. At Prestonwood we encourage all adults to connect to a LifeGroup as soon as possible. Our LifeGroups exist to provide an opportunity to build key relationships that can last a lifetime.

Though we’ve been conditioned to seek quick fixes or easy steps, real life is harder than that. Spiritual development has been defined as “a long obedience in the same direction.” And our LifeGroups assist you in your walk with life-impacting Bible Study, practical teaching and helpful tools to ensure that your journey with Christ is all that it can be.

Get connected and grow in your faith.

In addition to LifeGroups, we offer many opportunities where you can connect with others growing in Christ—Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, or Midweek @ Prestonwood Classes. Choose prayerfully, choose wisely—and prepare to move forward!

We believe church ought to be a place where no one stands alone … let us help you connect to a group today!