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Becoming a Member

How do I become a member?

If you are interested in joining the church, we are glad to help! At the conclusion of every Worship Service is a time of invitation, where you may come forward and join Prestonwood. Or you may visit Guest Central or one of our Next Step classes at any campus and become a member. In any case, our decision encouragers are always available and ready to answer your questions, helping to guide you through this process.

If you are new to Prestonwood, our Next Step class is just for you!

Hosted by our ministerial staff and church members, Next Step serves as the centerpiece for helping new members and those considering Prestonwood to learn about our beliefs and mission while also learning how to plug in to the life and ministries of Prestonwood. Childcare is available and refreshments are served. Registration is necessary.

To learn more about Next Step, please click here.