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Strong Marriage Annual Plan 


As a date night discussion guide 


Helps you plan what activities and time slots to protect during the coming 12 months for building a strong marriage 


  • Schedule a dinner or coffee date on or within a few days of New Year’s Eve. 
  • Bring your calendar or cellphone on the date. 
  • Each spouse spends time identifying several priorities to put on the calendar for the upcoming year (see reverse for ideas). 


Strong Marriage Priorities
Every married couple needs to be intentional in several areas. Discuss the following questions together, then select an idea or create your own to put on your schedules. 

Question: How will we protect routine times for non task-driven communication? 
□ Schedule an evening walk together twice weekly 
□ Schedule a date night twice monthly 
□ _________________________________________________ 
□ _________________________________________________ 

Question: Should we read a book, attend a class, or seek guidance to improve a specific area of our marriage? 
□ Shared vision and goals 
□ Better communication 
□ Romantic intimacy 
□ Managing money 
□ Parenting the kids 
□ ___________________________________________________ 
□ ___________________________________________________ 

Question: When do we think we will feel most stressed during the coming year so we can plan a weekend get-away together to recharge our batteries and rekindle romance? ________________________ 
Where would we like to go that we can afford? _______________ 
Who could watch the kids? _______________________________ 

Question: How can we help each other improve physically and emotionally? 
□ Work out together 
□ Eat out less often to cook healthy meals at home 
□ Give each other time alone with God by watching kids, etc. 
□ _________________________________________________________ 
□ _________________________________________________________ 

Question: When will we incorporate the habit of praying together into our relationship? 
□ At the end of evening walks twice weekly 
□ Before going to sleep each night 
□ ___________________________________________________ 
□ ___________________________________________________ 

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