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“Iron Sharpens Iron” 


As a guide to mutual encouragement toward goals for parents and teens 


Helps adult and emerging adult family members set personal and spiritual
discipline goals and help one another stay motivated 


  • Schedule a dinner or coffee date with your teen within the next few weeks.
  • Using the guide on the next page, have each person identify at least one new goal that he/she would like help “sharpening.”

During The Date

1. Each person takes turns explaining his/her choices.
2. Spend some time exploring how you could do these things together and/or help one another stay motivated.
3. If you both have a mobile device, add specific activities into your schedule to support these disciplines and invite one another as you would a work-related appointment.

Iron Sharpening Goals

According to Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” This principle is even more powerful in the context of family. Identify goals for personal, intellectual and spiritual growth and invite a spouse, child or parent to partner with you in the quest.

To get in better shape physically I want to…
Eat a healthier diet. “Sharpening” options include…
❑ Use a mobile app to track calories together
❑ Grocery shop together to select healthier options
❑ _______________________________________

Start an exercise routine. “Sharpening” options include…
❑ Walk/Run together 3 times per week
❑ Start a bike riding routine together
❑ _______________________________________

To sharpen my mind I want to…
❑ Read more. “Sharpening” options include…
❑ Select one book per month to read/discuss together
❑ Read during the same ___ minutes per day and text one another when done
❑ _______________________________________

Study more for school/job performance. “Sharpening” options include…
❑ Ask one about assignments/goals at start and end of each week
❑ Set new rule – no TV/Facebook/etc. until some studying done each day
❑ _______________________________________

To grow spiritually I want to…
❑ Pray and read the Bible. “Sharpening” options include…
❑ Text one another weekly or daily prayer concerns.
❑ Select a book of the Bible for one chapter per day reading/discussion.
❑ _______________________________________

Serve others. “Sharpening” options include…
❑ Find a ministry at church we can serve in together
❑ Identify an elderly/disabled relative or neighbor we can serve monthly
❑ _______________________________________

 Other Goals/Disciplines
❑ ____________________________________________
❑ ____________________________________________

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