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Mom Knows Best!


As a mealtime discussion activity celebrating Mom’s love


As a mealtime discussion activity celebrating Mom’s love


  • Before the meal, ask Mom to secretly complete the questionnaire about herself and every other member of the family. Seal her answers in a top-secret envelope to reveal at the end of the meal.


  • At the start of the meal, give each person a copy of the preference choices to guess how Mom answered.
  • During the meal, have each person share how he/she would answer each question for themselves.
  • Ask Mom to reveal her answers for each person to reveal how well she knows each person in the family.
  • Then ask Mom to reveal her own answers so everyone else can score how well they know her.
  • Award the grand prize to the highest-scoring child: An all-expense-paid trip to ice cream (or cookies) with Mom!

Who Knows Who Best?

Guess the other person’s preference for each set of options.

I Like...

□ Chocolate                 or                     □ Vanilla
□ Board Game             or                     □ Card Game
□ Morning                    or                     □ Evening
□ Cats                          or                     □ Dogs
□ Movie Out                 or                     □ Movie In
□ Lake                         or                     □ Pool
□ Popcorn                    or                     □ Candy
□ Spring                       or                     □ Fall
□ Juice                         or                     □ Milk
□ Ice Cream                 or                     □ Cookies
□ Pizza                         or                     □ Burger

I Would Rather...

□ Read a book             or                     □ Watch a movie
□ Live in the past         or                     □ Live in the future
□ Go camping              or                     □ Stay at a hotel
□ Be able to fly             or                     □ Turn invisible
□ Meet Moses              or                     □ Meet Paul
□ Cook together           or                     □ Eat out together

Tally everyone’s score to find out who knows who best!

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