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A date night activity and discussion guide


Husbands and wives will look over photos to reminisce about the beginning of their relationship together.


  • Schedule a date at a location that is the same as or similar to one of your first dates.
  • Gather a few pictures to bring with you from when you first started dating.

During the Date 

  • Pull out the photos and talk about the fun memories each one brings.
  • Take turns answering the questions on the reverse side.


  1. When did you first notice/see your spouse?
  2. What was he/she wearing?
  3. What were your first thoughts?
  4. When did you first kiss your spouse?
  5. When did you first say “I love you” ?

Reflection Questions

  1. Complete this sentence:  One of the qualities that first drew me to you was your _________________. (i.e., sincerity, loyalty, compassion for others, desire to please the Lord, passion for the truth)
  2. Share your funniest memory together (“I’ll never forget the time . . .”)
  3. Discuss this quote: If you want what you once had, you must do what you once did.
  • Before you go to bed tonight, pray with your spouse, thanking God for great memories and your life together.
  • Within the next three days, download one of your old love songs and dance together.

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