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A Christmas Carol


As a Christmas season family movie night chat


Focusing on the meaning of repentance 


  • Buy/rent your favorite version of A Christmas Carol
  • Pop some popcorn and have the discussion guide on the reverse side ready. 


Be up front with your kids by explaining that you want to watch the film to discuss its themes from a Christian perspective. Don’t use this as an occasion to teach, but to enter into good dialogue. You probably won’t agree on everything, which is fine. Just discussing the themes can strengthen your relationship and stretch critical thinking skills.

Film Synopsis

There is more message in this holiday classic than we often realize. It is not just about a guy who didn’t like Christmas. It is a tale of repentance and redemption. Ebenezer Scrooge is a powerful symbol of the choice each of us must make in life —either to follow our selfish, sinful nature or submit to God and reflect His image in our attitudes and actions. 


  1. Was Scrooge made in the image of God? (See “A” below)
  2. In what ways did Scrooge show he had a sinful heart? (See “B” below)
  3. After he realized he was wrong, what did Scrooge do? (See “C” below)
  4. During his dream, Scrooge felt badly about the consequences of his past actions and regretted his self-centered lifestyle. Is that the same thing as repentance? (See “D” below)
  5. How does the story of Scrooge echo the Good News of the Gospel? (See “E” below)

Think About It

  1. All human beings, including Scrooge, are made in the image of God. But when we abandon God’s life-giving joy, like Scrooge, we darken the picture God intends our lives to be.
  2. Scrooge was selfish, stingy, mean, etc.—all of which show the dark side of people.
  3. He turned away from the wrong toward what is right. In other words, he repented—which means to turn around.
  4. Not really. Feeling badly is not the same thing as turning around and heading in the right direction.
  5. We all make sinful choices that hurt ourselves and others. But God gives us the grace to repent and turn around, allowing us to experience God’s fellowship and joy rather than the dark isolation of selfish living.

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