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7-5-2 Prayer @ Home Challenge


Commit to prayer@home as a habit using the 7-5-2 plan.


Helps to start the habit of praying at home for your spouse & family


• Dry-erase board
• Prayer journal
• Small basket to place on table for Christmas cards, birth and wedding announcements


Step One
Begin the 7-5-2 prayer method in your home.
7 – Pray seven days a week individually for your family (spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, etc.).
5 – Pray fives time a week with your family.
2 – Pay at least two times a week with your spouse.

Step Two

Begin the 7-5-2 prayer method in your home.
Prayer Board: Place a dry-erase board in a high traffic area of your home to keep a list of your family’s prayer needs and praises.
Prayer Journal: Purchase a journal for your family to start recording prayers. Consider a section for answered prayers to keep as a reminder of God’s goodness.
Prayer Card Basket: Rather than throwing away Christmas cards, birth and wedding announcements, etc., place them in a basket. Choose times to pick a card and pray for that person or family.

Step Three

Incorporate prayer into your family culture of everyday life.
Meal Time: Take time to share prayer requests during your meal. After everyone has finished eating, spend time praying over the requests.
Bedtime: The first person to go to bed alerts everyone else that it is time for family prayer.
On the Go: Use drive-time and walks as intentional prayer time. Encourage everyone to share any requests, concerns or praises. Take time to pray together for things that were shared.