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Becoming Intentional about Family Prayer


Creating a habit of praying together at home makes it much more likely that
you will:
• Grow in your connection to an all-powerful God
• Build a lifelong, thriving marriage
• Increase marital trust, respect and intimacy
• Strengthen the relationship with your children and teens
• Nurture strong faith in the hearts of your children and teens
• Reduce the level of tension in your home


Prayer is simply a conversation with God. It is the way we communicate, worship, praise, and know our heavenly Father. It is our dependence on the One who holds all things together.

Individual prayer is powerful, but Scripture tells us there is a supernatural dynamic when we pray with others.

Helpful ways to jumpstart a prayer routine in your home:
Silent Prayers: The easiest way to start a family prayer time is by praying together silently. Agree on a prayer list, join hands, and begin praying. As you become more comfortable with this process, try other prayer strategies.

High/Low Prayers: Have each person quickly share the high point and low point of their day. Hold hands, give thanks for the highs, and ask God for help with the lows.

Prayer Prompts: Encourage each person in the family to finish the following phrases: God, I love and thank You because…; God, I am sorry for…; God, please help…; Lord, I trust You with….


Consider using the “PRAY” acrostic below to help you and your family be more intentional as you pray.

PRAISE: Praise God for who He is and what He has done. Begin with a time of giving thanks and praise to God. “Almighty God, we recognize that You are our Creator and Provider.” “Father, hallowed be Your name, Your kingdom come.” —Luke 11:2

REQUEST: Request God’s help for you, your family and others. Take turns offering one-sentence prayers for each request. “Father, You are the Giver of all good gifts. We bring our requests before You, Lord. We lift the following requests to You….” “Give us each day our daily bread.” —Luke 11:3

ADMIT: Confess your sins to God. Pause as each person silently confesses his/her own sins and failures. “Lord, You have promised to forgive those who confess their sins. We come before You and acknowledge the ways we have disobeyed.” “Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.” —Luke 11:4

YIELD: Commit to His will and His way. Describe specific areas (work, school, challenges, etc.) where you can depend on Him. “God, we put our trust in Your will, in Your timing and in Your way. Show us the way and what to do as we follow You.” “And lead us not into temptation.—” Luke 11:4

Statistics from Gallup and National Association of Marriage Enhancement report when married couples prayed together daily, less than one percent ended in a divorce. This is amazing when the divorce rate in the general population is reportedly around 50 percent.