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Frequently Asked Questions

May both members and non-members schedule a wedding at Prestonwood?

Yes. To qualify for booking the facilities as a member, you must have been a member of the church a minimum of three months prior to submitting a request for a wedding date. The bride, groom and/or parents of the bride or groom may book the facilities for a wedding.

How far in advance may a wedding be booked at Prestonwood?

Due to the vast number of events and ministries that take place in our church, we can take reservations for the facilities no more than 12 months in advance for members and no more than nine months in advance for non-members. We do not keep a waiting list or receive applications earlier than 12 months or nine months before the desired date of a wedding.

When do weddings take place at Prestonwood?

 Weddings are scheduled in The Chapel at the following times:

  • 10:00 a.m.
  • 2:00 p.m.
  • 6:00 p.m.

Each wedding is given a contract time of four hours. Couples have two hours prior to their wedding time for pre-service preparation and seating of guests. They have two hours following the beginning of their wedding for the ceremony, post-pictures and removal of all personal items.  If more time is needed before or after the service, the request is to be discussed with the Director of Weddings prior to scheduling. Additional fees may apply.

The wedding rehearsal usually occurs the day before the wedding and lasts approximately one hour. Weddings are not scheduled on Sundays, during churchwide events, or on holiday weekends. For weddings that do not take place in The Chapel, please discuss your requests with the Director of Weddings.

How is a wedding scheduled at Prestonwood?

To schedule a wedding at Prestonwood, contact the Director of Weddings and complete the Wedding Application. Send the application to the church with a non-refundable application deposit of $200 that will be included in your facilities fees. Upon receipt, your application will be submitted for staff and calendar approval. After your wedding date has been confirmed, an appointment will be set with the Director of Weddings to discuss church policies and procedures.

May a minister who is not on the Prestonwood staff perform a ceremony?

Our Prestonwood ministers perform wonderful wedding ceremonies. However, we do permit ministers who are not on the staff to officiate weddings. All outside ministers must be evangelical, ordained ministers of like faith and practice. Neal Jeffrey, Associate Pastor, calls each minister who is not on the Prestonwood staff to confirm his participation. Couples are expected to meet with their officiating minister prior to the wedding. If the officiating minister is not on the Prestonwood staff, you may be required to also meet with a Prestonwood minister.

What kind of ceremonies may be performed at Prestonwood?

Wedding ceremonies should be worshipful celebrations and expressions of your Christian faith. All ceremonies should follow a traditional Christian format, consistent with worship practices at Prestonwood.

What are the music policies for wedding ceremonies?

Music used in your ceremony should glorify and honor God and reflect the message of Jesus Christ and His love. The content and lyrics of the music you choose should give a biblical understanding of Christian commitment and service and the significance of Christian marriage. Song selections, specifically for special music within the ceremony, must give testimony to God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, etc. and communicate the message of Christian faith. Lyrics of your vocal song selections may be requested for approval. Secular music will not be approved for wedding ceremonies.

May a reception be held at Prestonwood following the wedding ceremony?

Prestonwood has several wonderful areas for wedding receptions. Because of limited space, they are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, and there is an additional fee required for a reception at the church. Receptions will need to be catered by outside full service caterers. Please ask the Director of Weddings which rooms will best fit your needs and accommodate the number of expected wedding guests.

How much does it cost to have a wedding at Prestonwood? What is included in the fees?

There are several locations where weddings can take place at Prestonwood. Each location offers a unique atmosphere. There are different fees depending upon the location that you choose. The quoted fees include the following services:

  • A wedding coordinator who will organize and facilitate your wedding rehearsal and ceremony
  • Facilities for your wedding rehearsal
  • Facilities for your wedding ceremony
  • Facilities for your reception (if taking place at Prestonwood)
  • Wedding accessories such as candelabras, candles, etc.
  • Lighting and sound technician
  • Facilities personnel for setting up and cleaning before and after your wedding
  • Administrative costs
  • Utilities

Please call the Director of Weddings to discuss the details of your wedding. For information on fees, please see the pricing page.

Is there a course offered for marriage preparation?

All couples are expected to participate in Before You Say, “I Do,” a course designed for engaged couples and those considering marriage. Each session consists of seven topical studies related to building a biblical, Christ-centered marriage. For more information regarding dates and times, call 972-820-5512 or click here.

Does Prestonwood allow brides to schedule bridal portrait sittings in The Chapel or other areas of the church?

Due to the many activities scheduled at Prestonwood each day and the personnel that would be required for a bridal portrait sitting, it is not possible for bridal portraits to be taken at the church.