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“Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.” —Habakkuk 1:5

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Amazon: April 19-27
Leader: Chrissie Dunham
Mexico: April 26-30
Leader: Blair Robinson, David Shivers
New Orleans: April 28-May 1
Leader: Andy Pearson
Washington D.C.: May 5-10
Leader: Jonathan Adkins
South Asia: May 14-23
Leader: Mel Pugh
Southeast Asia: June 14-28
Leader: Jarrett Stephens, Joshua Rolf, Mike Beeson
East Africa: June 18-30
Leader: Jason Snyder
Cuba: Summer
Leader: Josh Rolf
South Asia: July 2-11
Leader: J.B. Shannon
England: July 11-21
Leader: Brady Fortenberry
East Africa: July 12-21
Leader: Carter Morris, Lon Johnson
Denver/Colorado Springs/Fort Collins: July 7-14
Leader: Andy Pearson
Boston: July 15-22
Leader: Oghosa Iyamu
Oklahoma City: July 17-21
Leader: Sam Smith
El Paso: July 17-21
Leader: Joe Martin
Los Angeles: July 17-21
Leader: Canaan Chapman
Austin: July 18-22
Leader: Matt Rucker & Chris Watkins
East Africa: July 19-28
Leader: Carter Morris & Rex LewAllen
Los Angeles: July 21-27
Leader: Jameson Barker
South Asia: July 26 - Aug. 4
Leader: Mike Beeson
Amazon: July 27 - Aug. 6
Leader: Ashley Bullington
Mexico: Aug. 2-6
Leader: Tom Sherman
Middle East: Aug. 4-13
Leader: J.B. Shannon
Cuba: Aug. 27 - Sept. 1
Leader: Gilberto Corredera
Asia Pacific: Fall
Leader: Josh Rolf & Stephen Miller
Washington D.C.: Sept. 1-6
Leader: Jonathan Adkins
Amazon: September 2-10
Leader: Josh Rolf
South Asia: Oct. 1-10
Leader: J.B. Shannon
Mexico: Oct. 11-15
Leader: David Shivers
Cuba: November 11-17
Leader: Mike Maack
Amazon: Nov. 17-26
Leader: Chase Sims & Bryan Gibbs
South Asia: Nov. 26-Dec. 5
Leader: Shawn Callendar
East Africa: TBA
Leader: Barry Wood