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iResolve Classes

It’s always easy to make resolutions … it’s a lot harder to keep them. Let us help you keep some of the resolutions we all seem to strive for each year. (Make a resolution to join us for these resolution classes!)

Plano Campus - iResolve Classes

Wednesdays (Jan. 11–25)
6:45–7:45 p.m.


I resolve to share Christ with my child.
Diana Pendley
Decision Encourager Room

The most important thing as a parent you can do for a child is to share Christ with them. However, sharing the Gospel is no small task. Parents and parents-to-be will enjoy the practical steps Diana shares in order to guide their children into a relationship with Christ. 

I resolve to share Christ.
Tim Matthews, Minister to Young Couples
Room W212 

As followers of Christ, we have experienced first-hand the transforming power of the Gospel. We now have the opportunity and privilege of sharing this Good News to a lost and broken world. This class is designed to help equip and empower you to effectively share your faith in the context of everyday life.

I resolve to live healthier in 2017.
Toby Graham
Room W207

Learn to cultivate healthy habits that will transform your mental, physical and spiritual health. From Toby’s vast experience in the wellness and fitness world, she will share sound advice with an inspiring voice that will encourage lasting change far beyond 2017.

I resolve to create order in my life.
Cheryl Murff
Room W204 (offered only Jan. 11 and 18)

Ladies, do you feel overwhelmed by your home, life and tasks? Discover super-simple methods to help schedule, prioritize, and organize your life. Cheryl will tackle everything from creating a clutter-free home, regaining free time, and enhancing productivity to unlocking the keys to stress-free environments.

I resolve to use my talents.
Jonathan Teague, Minister to Married Adults
Room W202           

God has given all believers special talents called spiritual gifts to be used to support the vision and mission of the Church. This class will allow believers to identify their spiritual gifts and see ways they can utilize them in the local church.

I resolve to read more.
Pam Chandler
Computer Room (offered only Jan. 11 and 18)

Have you resolved to read more in 2017? Join us as we look into the significant benefits reading provides. Additionally, we will examine the importance of reading books that support our faith and encourage our growth in Christ. We will take a tour of the Prestonwood Library, featuring our print books, media, eBooks, and eAudiobooks.

I resolve to create a will.
Ron Kelley, Director of the Prestonwood Foundation
W206 (offered only Jan. 25)

Studies show 70 percent of Americans do not have a valid will.  Learn about an executor, contingent trust, guardianship, no-contest clause, and most importantly, why all believers should have a will.

I resolve to get out of debt.
Ron Kelley, Director of the Prestonwood Foundation
W206 (offered only Jan. 11 or 18)

Does the thought of debt keep you awake at night? The stress of debt can affect people physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. This class will help you create a plan to begin the process of gaining financial freedom.

I resolve to disciple someone.
David Shivers, Minister of Men & Evangelism
Room A104 

Encouraging another believer in the faith is one of the most rewarding aspects of the Christian walk. Join David as he walks you through an easy-to-use guide to disciple a person.

I resolve to raise godly children.
Jason Snyder, Minister to Adults
Room A203-204

Among the hostile culture, Christian families find themselves searching for answers and strategies to be more effective in raising their children. Join us to discover how you can build a godly legacy within your family.  

I resolve to learn CPR. (limit 20 people)
Christine Callander
Room A109

Help save a life by learning CPR. Family & Friends CPR is for anyone who wants to learn basic CPR skills, choking relief, and AED awareness and does not need a course completion card to meet a job requirement. Skills are taught in a dynamic group environment with hands-on CPR practice. Registration is required and class size is limited to 20 participants each week.  

I resolve to strengthen my devotional life.
Jeff Young, Minister of Spiritual Development
Room W208

Does the fast-paced, high-stress world we live in often leave you discouraged? Regardless of whether you are a new Christian or have been walking with Christ for a long time, this class will provide you with tools to strengthen your devotional life in the midst of a busy world.

I resolve to become a cell phone guru.
Jonathan Adkins, Minister to Single Adults, & Alan Tregoning, IT Specialist
Room A207 & A208 (offered only Jan. 11 or 18)

From the user who is just beginning to use a smartphone to the user who relies heavily on his or her smartphone, this class is designed to help everyone use a cell phone more efficiently. This class will feature breakout sessions for iPhone and Android users to learn specific tips for their phone’s operating system.


North Campus - iResolve Classes

Wednesdays (Jan. 11, 18 or 25)
6:45–7:45 p.m.


I resolve to be more committed to Christ.
Jeremy Nottingham
Room B231-232 (offered only Jan. 11)

Allowing Christ to influence every area of a believer’s life produces great rewards, but also some challenges. This class will give believers practical ways they can allow the influence of Christ to affect every area of their lives. 

I resolve to be a better spouse.
Blair Robinson
Room B231-232 (offered only Jan. 18)

Marriages encourage spouses to be the best they can be for the other spouse in order to show love, loyalty and respect. This class will provide practical actions that both husbands and wives can implement in order to love their spouses better.

I resolve to be a better parent and grandparent.
Mel Pugh
Room B231-232 (offered only Jan. 25)

Leaving a positive Christ-honoring legacy for the next generation is something that every parent and grandparent dreams of. This class will help you to refine your skills as a parent in order to help your child grow. 


Other Options
Parents, take advantage of our KIDZ MinistryStudent Ministry and Music & Worship programs during the week!