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iResolve Classes

It’s always easy to make resolutions … it’s a lot harder to keep them. Let us help you keep some of the resolutions we all seem to strive for each year. (Make a resolution to join us for these resolution classes!)

Plano Campus - iResolve Classes

Wednesdays (Jan. 10 & 17)
6:45–7:45 p.m.

… strengthen my spiritual disciplines.
Jeff Young, Minister of Spiritual Development
Room W202
January 10 & 17

As Christians, we are responsible for developing spiritual disciplines to grow in godliness. Learn spiritual disciplines you might not be familiar with as well as develop the ones you currently practice.

… to be socially savvy.
Joy Weaver
Room W204
January 17

Ever wondered if what you said or did was the right thing? This class will give you various tips to implement in order to avoid faux pas in various business and social situations.           

… study the Bible better.
Joel Moore
Room W206
January 17

What is your process of studying the Bible? Teacher Joel Moore will share tips and techniques of Bible study for both new Christians and lifelong Christ-followers.

… create a budget using my cell phone.
Ron Kelley, Director of Prestonwood Foundation
Room: W208
January 17

The most important part of succeeding in financial goals is to set a budget. With information learned here, you will be able to set a basic budget for your household using nothing more than your cell phone.

… turn everyday conversations into Gospel conversations.

David Shivers, Minister of Men & Evangelism
Room W210
January 17

Be equipped and empowered to effectively share your faith in everyday life.

… use social media responsibly.
Teacher: Ryan Irwin, Associate of Spiritual Development
Room W212
January 17

Along with the freedoms offered by social media have come much danger as well. Learn to navigate the new frontier of social media.

… plan creative date nights.
Matt Mullins, Minister to Open Division
Room A109
January 17

Does it seem like every date night for you consists of dinner and a movie? Add some creativity with these examples of cool and budget-friendly date nights as well as resources to find other date ideas.

… be a “cellphone guru 2.0.”
Jonathan Adkins, Minister to Single Adults
Room A203-204
January 10 & 17

Building from last year’s lessons, learn how to use a cellphone more efficiently, no matter your current skill level. Learn hands-on through breakout sessions for both iPhone and Android users.

… be an intentional grandparent.
Dr. Ray Pritchard
Faith Chapel
January 10 & 17

Do you want to make an impact on your grandchildren’s lives? Do you want to grow closer to them, develop meaningful relationships, and leave a legacy of faith for them? If so, learn how to start making it happen; it won’t happen on its own.

... to live healthier.
Christine Callander
Room W207
January 17

Learn to cultivate healthy habits in 2018 that will transform your mental, physical and spiritual health. From her vast experience in the wellness and fitness world, Christine will share sound advice on creating a realistic plan for healthy eating and exercising.


North Campus - iResolve Classes

Wednesdays (Jan. 10 & 17)
6:45–7:45 p.m.

I resolve to live healthier.
Christine Callander and Melody Bradley
Room B231-232

Learn to cultivate healthy habits in 2018 that will transform your mental, physical and spiritual health. Christine and Melody—from their vast experience in the wellness and fitness world—will share sound advice on creating a realistic plan for eating healthier and exercising.

I resolve to read the entire Bible in 2018.
Ben Lacey, Minister to Young Adults
Room B238

Have you ever read through the entire Bible in a year? The Bible is God’s letter to His people. However, most Christians struggle to consistently read and study the Bible. Learn transformational steps to reading through every book of the Bible, and how to practically apply God’s Word in 2018.

I resolve to get out of debt.
Shawn Callander, Minister of Marriage & Family
Room B257-258

Does the thought of debt keep you awake at night? The stress of debt can affect people physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Learn how to create a plan to begin the process of gaining financial freedom.

I resolve to raise godly children.
Mel Pugh, Minster of Pastoral Care
Room B253

In a culture that is hostile to God’s Word, Christian families find themselves searching for answers and strategies to be more effective in raising their children. Join us to discover how you can build a godly legacy within your family. 


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